For 30 years The Peter Noel Dance Photographers have been photographing dance students at dress rehearsals, dance studios and dance performances. In that time we have learned a lot.

Our experience has taught us that every teacher, every student, and every dance studio is unique. All aspects of our operation are focused on your needs. By striving to customize our services to your studio we attend to all details necessary for a successful shoot.

Being prepared is our number one commitment. When we pack for a shoot we take all the equipment, backgrounds, and supplies we need and then bring a duplicate set. We are always completely backed up. We have a large staff of photographers; most are dancers themselves, who are trained completely in all aspects of our operation. Our support staff is trained extensively, as well, while many have been with us for years. Times, places, and all details are checked over and over again and if things change for you, even at the last moment, we are prepared to meet that challenge too.

As important as the technical, are the creative and interpersonal aspects of Dance photography. Each year our experienced photographers are trained in posing and photographer’s etiquette. Appropriate, versatile poses and comfortable, happy subjects are essential to quality dance portraits. Your students will be given patient instruction throughout their portrait session and, if for some reason, the pose or the student’s expression is not just right, we will take the necessary time to correct it.

We know that dance teachers are busy professionals. The last thing you should be concerned with at recital time is the recital photography. When we photograph at your dress rehearsal you’ll never know we are there. When we photograph at your studio you’ll be delighted at how smoothly everything runs.

We are happy to photograph your students at your studio, your dress rehearsal or at our studio. Depending on your requirements we will come equipped and staffed to photograph individuals only, individuals and classes or classes only. We are always prepared to meet the needs of your studio. Let us know what suits you. Above all we remain flexible, ready to use our experience and expertise for a successful photographic adventure.